4 Best Software Development Methodologies & Tools

4 Best Software Development Methodologies & Tools

4 Methods and Tools Employed to Manage Software Projects


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Every large business uses the best project management methodologies and tools to enhance the performance of its projects. The selection of the best software project management methodologies and tools can be challenging given the vast number of methodologies and tools out there.

Considering this, this article will provide an overview of some popular project management methodologies as well as some tools used by big brands to manage their software development projects. Also, with our tips for selecting the right project management methodologies and tools, you will be able to make the best choice and achieve your business objectives.

Methodologies Used for Software Development Projects

1: Waterfall Methodology

As one traditional method for managing software projects, the waterfall method has many advantages. Like a waterfall, phases of a project flow downward. In other words, a successful completion of the previous phase is required before moving forward to the next. It is best suited for highly structured projects with high pivot costs and that is why it is used by most of the big brands.

2: Agile Methodology

Agile methods in software development are dynamic methods for managing projects. As well as being one of the most widely used methods by big brands, it is also the most common. In comparison to waterfall methods, it allows the project to move faster and be more flexible.

In the implementation of the method, all aspects of project planning, management, and development are adaptable and evolve, improving the outcome in the timeframe desired. Projects in the agile process are broken down into smaller pieces of user functionality, prioritized, and delivered within 2-4 iterations. When software projects are likely to require testing before deployment, this approach is highly preferred.

3: Hybrid Methodology

Only a few large companies have found a synergistic effect between Agile and Waterfall. Hence, the hybrid method was originally used in software project management. Project nature greatly determines the choice of phases in this methodology. This process is well approached when the project shows the software and hardware requirement. When the project specifies the software as well as hardware needs, this procedure is well approached.

4: Scrum

Scrum is one of the most used methodologies by big organizations and adheres to some essential agile principles including quick responses to customer feedback and changes, and an emphasis placed on effective communication, and collaborative efforts.

A scrum process operates according to the following steps:

  • Sprint planning: All people involved discuss the sprint goal and choose metrics that contribute to achieving the goal before building a sprint backlog.

  • Implementation: During the process of coding software, all members hold daily meetings to track progress.

  • Sprint review: This step occurs at the end of the scrum sprint. It’s time for developers to present their work to a product owner and receive feedback.

  • Sprint retrospective: In this phase, members look back on what worked well in the past sprint and how to improve products.

For projects leveraging multiple AI tools, a blend of methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid can be beneficial in ensuring seamless integration and efficient project management.

Tools Used for Software Development Projects

A project management software or a method for planning, tracking, and managing software development tasks. In order to ensure that the development process is always on schedule, the software development team uses these tools.

Here are the best tools used by big brands:

1: ProofHub

With ProofHub, big organizations and high-impact teams can track sprint planning, create milestones, communicate effectively, address issues, create a product roadmap, stay on top of deadlines, and ensure high-quality work. ProofHub enables agile teams to augment development speed, expand collaboration, and foster better responses to market trends.

In order for an agile team to function effectively, proper communication is essential. The ProofHub platform facilitates effective communication between teams, as well as with clients and stakeholders with its chat and discussion features.

2: ClickUp

A platform like Click-up helps big brands to build the perfect structure that extends as their needs change. Whether it's a small or a large team, it offers greater flexibility. Businesses can simplify their workflow, save time, improve working efficiency, and improve their business growth potential by using this project management tool.

3: Monday. com

Monday. com comes among the best project management software used by large enterprises with an easy-to-understand and customizable interface. And including software development, it provides versatility in sales, marketing, human resources, and IT operational processes. It has also an extensive list of supported integrations to keep teams connected.

4: Trello

Trello is a simple tool that provides visibility and versatility for tracking software development projects. It is one of the best choices among big brands for collaborating and staying in touch with members of the team because it was designed with remote work in mind. It has an advanced checklist to align the team on tasks and its agile-friendly workflow helps to track the issues or bugs in the development process.


There are various project management methodologies and tools for software development projects that are used by big organizations, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you want to use these methodologies or tools, you should assess your project requirements, team, organization, and stakeholders as well as existing tools. This allows you to choose a methodology and a tool that complements your skills and the objectives of your project.

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